Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world’s largest technical professional society. This association is dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. It is designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronic and computing fields and related areas of science and technology that underlie modern civilization.

IEEE- SJEC Student branch

Aim: Is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge in technical profession

Objective: To provide learning opportunities in engineering sciences, research and technology and also to foster individual commitment to continuing education among engineering and scientific communities.

Introduction: IEEE- SJEC student branch is one of the most active associations in St. Joseph Engineering College. This association was started in the year 2005. There are more than 400 registered student members and 6 staff co-ordinators from ECE, EEE, CSE, ISE and MCA Departments.
Many events are conducted under student activities such as technical talks, student paper presentations, project exhibitions and techncial fests.

EEE – IEEE: Technical Talk on Switchgear and Protection

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in association with IEEE - SJEC Student Branch, organized a technical talk on Switchgear and Protection by the resource person, Mr Santhosh J, Additional Director of CPRI - Bengaluru on 13th May 2017 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in Fr Fred Seminar Hall.

This talk was organised for 3rd year EEE Students as a beyond syllabus activity for the theory subject Switchgear & Protection. The main aim of the talk was to strengthen the knowledge on switchgear and protection. The resource person started with the basics of switchgears. He also provided detailed insights on the practical aspects of various circuit breakers, contactors, relays and insulators.

Resource person also presented a video on various techniques used for arc quenching in circuit breakers.

This lecture session was well appreciated by all students. Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, Professor and Head of EEE Department, along with Mr Subramanya K, & Ms Chaithra Shetty, Assistant Professors in the Department of EEE, coordinated the programme.

EEE – IEEE SJEC: Lecture on Applications of Fourier and Z transforms

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in association with IEEE-SJEC Students Chapter organized a guest lecture on Applications of Fourier and Z transforms for second and third year EEE students on 8th May 2017 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event was part of the IEEE Lecture Series 2017. The resource person for this guest lecture was Dr Arulalan, Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication at NITK, Surathkal. This lecture aimed at introducing the fundamental concepts of transform theory, providing valuable information on related mathematical concept and applications of Laplace, Z, and Fourier transforms in engineering.

The sessions were made very interesting and interactive by Dr Arulalan be providing case studies and practical examples for signal processing applications of various transforms. This lecture session was well appreciated by all students and faculty members present on the occasion.

Mr Deepesh S K and Ms Mayuri R, Assistant. Professors in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering coordinated the programme.

EEE: Lecture on Professional Etiquette

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at SJEC in association with IEEE SJEC Student Branch organized a talk on Professional Etiquette by the resource person, Mr Clinton Herbert Lobo, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Business Administration at SJEC on 5th May 2017 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in Fr Fred Hall. This talk was conducted for 2nd year & 4th year EEE students and IEEE student Members.

The objective of the talk was to make students aware of the concepts of business etiquette, professional traits, and knowledge on applying business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations. This program was mainly focused on graduating students of final year students to enhance their knowledge on professional etiquette which would help them to be a better engineer in their professional career.

The resource person covered topics such as teamwork, effective communication skills & fundamental techniques in handling people.

The session was interactive & appreciated by the students. Ms Denita D Souza, Assistant Professor, Department of E&E Coordinated the programme.

EEE: Training programme on Industrial Automation with PLC & SCADA

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in association with IEEE-SJEC Student Chapter organized a one-week student training programme on Industrial Automation with PLC & SCADA for the final year B.E. students from 30th January to 4th February 2017. The resource persons were Mr Himanshu Kumar & Mr Amith Kumar of Indwell Institute of Technology, Pune. The objective of the training programme was to create awareness of practical aspects of PLC & SCADA in industrial applications and also to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in the PLC domain.

The training session consisted of both theory & hands-on sessions. Every theory session was followed by a related hands-on session. Students had an opportunity to use Mitsubishi & Siemens PLC hardware as a part of their practical sessions. Resource persons demonstrated various mini projects to students and few modifications to these projects were done by the students during the hands-on sessions.

The theory & practical session were appreciated by the students. Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, HOD & Professor, Department of E&E felicitated the Resource Persons. Ms Denita D Souza, Mr Subramnaya K & Mr Rahul V A were the programme Coordinators.

ECE – IEEE: Talk on Embedded System with ARM

IEEE in association with ECE Department organised a talk on Embedded System with ARM on 12th May 2016 at Fr Fred Memorial Hall for 4th semester ECE students.

The resource person was Ms Aparna P, Assistant Professor at ECE Department of NITK, Surathkal. The Talk included discussions on various embedded systems used in real time and the various processors involved in the design of the systems. Dr Aparna explained the different architectural details of the processor families, the processor life cycle and the evolution of the ARM. Finally, Dr Aparna briefed on how ARM processor can be used for student projects. A total of 100 students belonging to ECE Department participated in the programme.

The session ended with Ms Prajwal D’Souza, Associate Professor - ECE Department handing over a memento to the speaker. Ms Veena Desai on behalf of the SJEC - Management and the Department of ECE, thanked Dr Aparna. Final year IEEE student members from the Department of ECE, Ms Rubina Nivya Cutinha, coordinated the event, and Mr Anuj Virgil D'Souza, Mr Adarsh V Saliyan, and Mr Hithesh K, helped in organizing the event.

EEE – IEEE: Technical talk on Switchgear and Protection

IEEE SJEC Chapter in association with Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department organized a Technical talk on Switchgear and Protection for the pre-final year students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering on 7th May, 2016 at 10:00 AM. The Talk was delivered by Mr Santhosh J, Joint Director - High Power Lab, Central Power Research Institute, Bengaluru. The resource person explained to the students the basics of transformers, generation of power, use of alternators and transformers in transmission and distribution of power, the limitations of low voltage transmission and advantages of high voltage transmission, advantages and limitations of HVDC transmission, use of switchgear in power transmission and distribution, various faults, and its solutions. He also provided information to students on facilities available at CPRI and showed videos of transformer and switchgear testing, how the electric arcs are formed when fault occurs, and various parameters on which the transformers and switchgears are certified for use by CPRI.

Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, Professor - EEE thanked the Resource Person on behalf of SJEC Management, EEE Department and Students. Around 50 students, from pre final year EEE, attended the talk. The technical talk was Coordinated by Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco and Co-coordinated by Mr Rolen Rodrigues. 

EEE – IEEE: Hands-On Workshop on High Frequency Transformer Design

A hands-on workshop on High Frequency Transformer Design was organized by IEEE in association with EEE Department for 4th semester students on 2nd May 2016. The resource person for this workshop was Prof. Suryanarayana K, Associate Professor from NMAMIT-Nitte. The workshop was organized with an intention to train the students on transformer design aspects and winding. Prof. Suryanarayana stressed on the importance of transformers, application of transformers, and how to design a transformer. In his interactive session, he made clear the basics concepts and terminologies of transformers. He taught the students the step-by-step design procedure of high frequency transformer used for power electronics. Hands-on training was provided to the students on winding the core of the transformer used in power electronics applications.

In his concluding message he advised the students to test their design in lab and find out the inductance of their developed practical inductor. Around 60 students participated in the programme. Coordinators: Mr Subramanya K, Assistant Professor - EEE and Ms Glaina Michelle Miranda, Assistant Professor – EEE.

EEE – IEEE: Hands -on Training Programme on JAVA

IEEE SJEC Chapter in association with Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department had organized a half-day Hands-On training programme on JAVA for the final and pre-final year students of EEE on 14th April, 2016.

The training was conducted by Mr Sampath Kini, Assistant Professor from Computer Science Engineering Department of NMAMIT, Nitte. The resource person in the first half of his talk explained the various advantages of Java over C and C++, which includes platform independent programming, ease of maintenance, and graceful error handling. Mr Kini demonstrated a basic Java program to output some text and find the average of three numbers. He then explained the concept of classes and objects and the differences between them. A program which read and printed the details of several students using multiple objects as well as an array of objects was explained. The concepts of inheritance and abstraction were also explained using a program.

The students imbibed the practical use of JAVA and cleared various doubts and were able to understand the code efficiently. Around 46 students of UG EEE gained a first-hand experience on JAVA.

Coordinator: Ms Divya K Pai; Co- Coordinator: Mr Girisha Joshi 

IEEE – EEE: Seminar on Ham Radio

IEEE in association with EEE Department organized a Seminar on Ham Radio in Present Communication Technologies on 4th April 2016 at 12:00 pm in the EEE seminar hall for SJEC students. The lecture was delivered by Mr Sathyapal, Director - Indian Institute of HAMs (IIH). Mr Sathyapal said the objective of IIH is Empowering Youth with skill and HAM – Communication Technology. He opined that HAM Radio is a scientific activity in Information Technology, adventurous sport, & a second line of communication when all other means of communication fails. HAM has become a unique tool in promoting global friendship. Ham radio is self learning, inter-communication, technical investigation. Ham family consists of students, educationists, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, technicians, retired persons from various fields, house-wives, film stars, top –officials, Ministers, MPs, Kings, etc. He encouraged the students to make their own receiver and transmitter, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and antennas etc. Conduct scientific experiments in radio techniques, digital communication, Satellites, propagation studies. Turn your computer or smart phone into transceiver and communicate to Hams across globe. Communicate with other Hams located in any part of the 300+ countries to develop global friendship. Provide Ham communication network during Natural Calamities like Earth-quake, floods, cyclones, major accidents. Provide communication for major events like National Festivals and Motor Sports (Car Rallies). Conduct and participate in the adventurous Radio Direction Finding (RDF – for hunting) Sports by making your own directional antenna. Participate in various Radio Contests for numerous achievement awards and honors. Few students were given a opportunity to use Ham Radio.

Mr Rolen Rodrigues on behalf of the SJEC Management, HOD, Staff and Students of EEE thanked Mr Sathyapal and his Team and presented a memento. The event was coordinated by Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco and co-coordinated by Mr Rolen Rodrigues, Mr Franco Menezes and Ms Glaina Miranda.

A total of 50 students belonging to EEE and Mechanical Engineering Department participated in the programme. 

EEE – IEEE: Technical talk on Flexible AC Transmission System

IEEE Student Chapter of SJEC in association with Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department organized a technical talk on Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) on 30th March 2016 for the students of M.Tech in Power Electronics and Pre-final year BE students. Dr Nagesh Prabhu, HOD, EEE Department at NMAMIT-Nitte was the resource person. Dr Prabhu started off his interactive session by presenting the current power scenario in India. He stated that as per Feb 2016 statistics, despite installed generation of 288 GW, India continues to be power deficit. The major reasons for this kind of situations are generation outages, inadequate transmission capacity, mismatch in generation capacity and load requirements. To prevent under-utilization of AC transmission network and to improve the power flow, FACTS controllers are the best solution. Dr Prabhu touched upon different types of FACTS controllers and their benefits. In his concluding message he stated that FACTS controllers will revolutionize electrical power transmission systems making them more reliable, optimally utilized and better controlled. A total of 57 EEE pre-final year students participated in the programme Mr Deepesh K. compeered the programme.

Coordinators: Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, Professor, EEE Dept., Co-coordinator: Ms Denita D’Souza & Mr Subramanya, Assistant Professor, EEE Department.

Jagruthi - IEEE: Talk on Women in Engineering

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Jagruthi cell & IEEE Student Chapter of SJEC organized a motivational talk on 10th March 2016 on the topic Women in Engineering by Ms Malini G. Nayak, Manager (BFU), Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited - Mangaluru.

Ms. Nayak began her talk by asking a series of question to the audience such as, what is engineering and what are the qualities an engineer should possess to suite Industry requirements. Ms Nayak stated that Engineering is an essence of solving problems, team work and taking quick decisions to overcome a problem. In her speech she reflected on how gradual transition has taken place over the years on women pursuing engineering education. She opined that though there are large number of women with engineering degrees, still Women Engineers working in Public Sectors; particularly in manufacturing industry is very less and still male dominated due to the wrong perception that women are weak and less competent. However, of late notions are changing as women have proved their competency and capabilities in terms of technical skills and managerial roles. She advised that Women should have inner confidence and take bold decisions regarding their professional lives without compromising on ethical and moral values. She said that success mantra for a woman to become a leader in any field of her choice lies in taking her male counterparts into confidence and ability to work as a team. Ms Nayak also presented PPT slides on the manufacturing process of pig iron at KIOCL Company. She also discussed the operation of the Blast Furnace Unit (BFU) through pictures. A total of 100 female students and faculty of all the branches of SJEC attended the programme. Ms Malini Nayak was felicitated with a college memento as a token of appreciation. Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, IEEE coordinator and Ms. Bharathi Rao, Jagruthi Cell coordinator convened the programme. Ms Ashra & Ms Rithika B, Student of III yr E&E compered the programme.

Republic Day 2016

The 67th Republic Day of our country was celebrated in SJEC on 26th January, 2016 at 8:30 am. Dr Sudheer M., Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director – SJEC and Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice-Principal – SJEC, were the other dignitaries. The proceedings were organized by the Physical Education Directors of SJEC, Ms Vaneesha Rodrigues and Mr Sachin S. Nayak.

The ceremony commenced with a patriotic song “Saarejahan se achha, hindostan hamaara”, which set the spirt of the Day. Dr Sudheer M, hoisted the National Flag. The Security Team – SJEC led the gathering in saluting the National Flag and rendering the National Anthem.

In his address, Dr Sudheer paid tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of our great freedom fighters in liberating us from the tyranny of colonial rule. He reminded the gathering about the history regarding the birth of our Constitution; from the setting up of the Constituent Assembly consisting of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, in 1947, to the subsequent adoption of the Constitution in January 26th, 1950 to become the modern Republic of India with the declaration of being a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic country.  Dr Sudheer spoke about the significance of democracy, which provides the people the supreme will to elect their leaders to run the country and take the nation forward.

He spoke about the vision, Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, had for the country in 1951, and the fact that, even today, we as citizens of this country are left fighting to eliminate the evils of corruption and violence that continue to plague our society. Dr Sudheer told the gathering that we as citizens need to make and uphold an oath to eradicate corruption, violence in the form of theft, violence in the form of strikes and destruction of public properties, violence in the form of rape and crime against women. The urgent need to work together to eliminate poverty and illiteracy, as mission 2020, was also highlighted. Dr Sudheer quoted the Former President of India, Late. Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, in highlighting the all-important role of three persons; the father, mother, and the teacher, in the transformation of society and country.

As responsible citizens, Dr Sudheer requested all gathered, to renew the tasks at hand with greater vigor to make India a world power, to take India to its rightful place in world order, and to make this country a better place to live for the generations to come. Dr Sudheer signed off by thanking the Management-SJEC and the Administration for the opportunity and concluded by wishing everybody present a very happy Republic Day 2016.

Sweets were distributed amidst music, laughter, happiness and patriotic fervor all around!

Ms Nisha Jennifer Roche, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science was the emcee for the event and also offered the vote of thanks.

NCACSP-2015: Valedictory

The Valedictory ceremony of the National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing, NCACSP-2015, organized by the Department of ECE in association with IEEE Communications Society, Bangalore Chapter, was held on August 14th, 2015 at 3.30 PM in the Spoorthi Conference Hall, Academic Block 3.

The function began by invoking God’s Blessings with a prayer song by Jess Corda & Team. Dr Veena Devi welcomed the dignitaries and the gathering for the function. Ms Veena Desai, Convener - NCACSP 2015, briefed the gathering about the Two-Day Conference.

The Chief Guest for the function, Sri CVS Sastry gave away the Best Paper award for the four sessions of the Conference. The Best Paper award for the Afternoon Session - 1 on August 13, 2015, was won by the paper titled “Person Authentication using Iris Recognition”, authored by Ms Mranila P and Ms Reshma K J of SJEC. Best Paper for the Afternoon Session-2 on August 13, 2015, was won by the paper titled “Design of 8T SRAM for low power sensor application”, authored by Mr Colin David Karat and Dr Soorya Krishna K of SIT - Valachil.

The Best paper for Forenoon session-1 on August 14, 2015 was won by the paper titled “An efficient Image fusion Algorithm based on Directional Discrete Cosine Transform and Principal Component Analysis”, authored by Ms Pavithra S G and Ms Preetha D’Souza of SJEC. Best paper for Forenoon Session-2 on August 14, 2015, was won by the paper titled “An Efficient Steganography with Mosaic Image for secure Communication”, authored by Ms Vimitha A and Ms Shama B N of SJEC.

Participation Certificates were distributed to the participants by the President of the function Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo, Director - SJEC. The Chief Guest Sri CVS Sastry in his address pointed out that that the current generation is more capable than the older generations. He opined that the conferences like NCACSP play an important role in bridging technical gaps. He concluded by requesting the students to work beyond the syllabus. He insisted the students to publish their work in reputed journals.

The Guest of Honor Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal-SJEC in his address pointed out the tremendous scope and opportunities in the field of Nanotechnology. Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo in his presidential address congratulated the entire Faculty and Students involved in NCACSP-2015. He asked the students to initiate ideas and take it to its logical conclusion. Rev Fr also spoke about the 4G – God, Google, GPS and Growth.

Dr Roshan Joy Martis, Convener-NCACSP-2015 proposed the vote of thanks. The function concluded with the rendering of The National Anthem. 

IEEE: Technical talk on Switch Gears & Applications

A technical talk on Switch Gears & Applications was organized by the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for V Semester students under the aegis of IEEE, on 25 August 2014, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, in the Seminar Hall.

The talk was delivered by Mr Shivanada, Director, dbson Universal Power Control, Tumkur, to provide students an overview of the importance of training in Electrical Switch Gears. After a discussion of the fundamental concepts of Electrical Engineering the speaker proceeded with the theory of electrical measuring instruments, switch gear and protection. He stressed on the need for putting theory into practice, without compromising on safety, for the progress of mankind and technology. In his concluding address, he motivated the students to think of the significance of acquiring technical skills during student life in order to become a successful electrical engineer or entrepreneur.

The talk was convened by Dr Pius Pinto A J, Professor and HOD, E&E, and Coordinator IEEE, Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco, Associate Professor, E&E.

TECHNOVISION-2014: Academic Project Exhibition

An Engineering Academic Project Exhibition contest TECHNOVISION-2014 was held on 16th and 17th May 2014 in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering at St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. The exhibition was jointly organized by the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering and SJEC Students Chapter of IEEE and ISTE. The main objective of the exhibition was to motivate the interests of students in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering and to provide a valuable educational experience for students. Here, students got an opportunity to showcase their engineering talents and their outstanding efforts and achievements were recognized.

On 16th May, 2014 the contest was held for the final year students of Electronics and Communications Engineering of St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. A total of 33 teams participated in the contest and the contest was held in the Logic Design Laboratory, Analog Electronics laboratory, and Advance Communication Laboratory. Six Judges were invited to judge the projects; three from the Department of Electrical and Electronics and three from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering. Two best projects were rewarded and selected for inter college project exhibition held on 17th May, 2014. Projects were Smart Street Light Monitoring Control System and I-Series Smart Kitchen. Another nine best projects were selected for College level project exhibition.

On 17th May, 2014 inter college project exhibition was held in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering. A total of 21 teams from neighboring Colleges registered for the event and among those the best 10 projects were selected for the event. The contest was held in Logic Design Laboratory and Analog Electronics Laboratory. Two judges were called for the event. The External judge was from NMAMIT, Nitte, Prof Sunitha Lasrado, Department of E&C and the internal judge from SJEC, Prof Satisha K from the Department of E&E.

The valedictory program was held in Logic Design Laboratory with MC being 3rd year E&C student Ms. Raksha Jathanna. Principal-SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis was the Chief Guest of the function and Head of the Department of E&C, Prof. B.V. Nityananda was the Guest of Honor. Best Project prize was won by students of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management for the project titled “Image Transparency Computer Vision for Effective Content Delivery”. Second place was shared by students of N.M.A.M.I.T, Nitte, for their project titled “Semi-Automatic Electronic Gear Control for Automobiles”, and students of St Joseph Engineering College, for their project titled “Smart Street Light Monitoring Control System”. The exhibition was convened by Mr Rohan Pinto, Assistant Professor, IEEE Branch Counselor - SJEC, and Mr Gandhimathinathan, Assistant Professor, ISTE-ECE Branch Coordinator – SJEC.