St Joseph Engineering College Vamanjoor, Mangaluru

Affiliated to VTU-Belgaum & Recognized by AICTE
NBA-Accredited: B.E. (CSE, ECE, EEE, & ME)

Central Computer Centre

The Department of Central Computer Centre (CCC) is the nerve centre of campus wide network. CCC is located in the basement of Academic Block – II and consists of two laboratories for Internet Browsing and one laboratory for Basic Computing. CCC provides system administration and technical support which include software installation, configuration of servers and desktops/laptops, network monitoring (both wired & wireless), internet sharing etc. CCC also conducts in-house training in the above trade for the trainee technical staff.

CCC possesses a Cisco 1841 router which connects the campus with the outer world via 280 Mbps Internet leased line provided by BSNL. The server room of CCC houses the core switch that links all the switches and wireless access points of the campus. Proxy Servers over Linux OS are installed to share and regulate Internet bandwidth. Fifty desktops of Pentium 4 and higher range are exclusively used for students Internet browsing and DTP work. Fiber Optic links stretch from CCC to hostels, amenity block and academic blocks. E-Vidya streaming server sponsored by VTU, streams the stored high quality lecture sessions (videos) to Local Area Network (LAN) of SJEC. The EDUSAT live sessions from VTU e-Learning centre are captured at e-Learning facility of CCC. The sessions are recorded in DVD media and are accessible for students and staff through central library.

CCC is well equipped with electronic equipment which include two IBM server (IBMX 3100 and IBM e-Server X Series), one streaming server (SUN SPARC T5120), one bulk data storage unit (SUN Storage J4200), one Cisco router, NetGear core switch, network switches, wireless access devices (RUCKUS, LINKSYS and ARUBA), desktops, laptops, printers and scanners. The following staff members are responsible for the smooth functioning of various activities at CCC.



Internet Speed



Basic Computing Laboratory



Internet Browsing Lab




In-charge CCC

Mr Hareesha B
A 16 years of total experience in an educational organizations with 5 years of post graduate teaching and 9 years of system administration, with a specialization in object oriented modeling and research interest in the application of image processing in the field of agriculture
B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D.)
Phone: 0824 22637543/54/55

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Mr Hareesha B

In-charge CCC

Mr Hareesha B

A 16 years of total experience in an educational organizations with 5 years of post graduate...

In-charge CCC

Qualification :B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D.)

Email :

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Designation Name Qualifications
Designation Name Qualifications
Asst System Administrator Mr Lokesh Suvarna B.Sc, M.Sc(IT)
Lab Instructor Mr Keerthi Dsouza BCA, MCA
Lab Instructor Ms Shailaja B Dip. in Computer Science, DTP
Lab Technician Mr Ashley Dias Dip. in Computer Hardware, Dip in Basic Electronics and Audio Technology

E-Vidya Streaming Server access from desktops

E-Vidya Streaming Server provided by VTU has been successfully deployed at the server room of CCC. E-Vidya Streaming facility includes a SUN Enterprise T5120 Server and SUN Storage Array J4200. The Web based e-Vidya streaming modules run over Solaris 10 Operating System on SUN Enterprise T5120 Server. The Video of lectures on different disciplines of Engineering are stored in SUN Storage Array and can be accessed via web browser. Following are the mandatory client system requirements in order to view / access E-Vidya Streaming Server.

  1. A Desktop PC with minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  2. Mozilla FireFox Web Browser
  3. VLC Player 0.9.9
  4. Desktop Speakers / Head Phone set
  5. Network Connectivity

Users need to download and install the following.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. VLC Player 0.9.9

Note that, during Installation of VLC Player 0.9.9, mozilla plugin option must be checked. Edit and add the following lines to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (windows OS).


Remove the proxy settings of Mozilla Web browser by selecting, Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > No Proxy

The teachers of SJEC can access the server as follows.

  1. Start Mozilla FireFox
  2. Type at address box of the browser
  3. Enter User Name: staff
  4. Type Password: staff123

The students can login by providing the following information:

  1. User Name: student
  2. Password: student123

Please note that, for Internet browsing use other browsers like Internet Explorer/Opera or Logout from E-Vidya and reset Mozilla Proxy Settings back to ( and port 3128. Contact CCC for any technical assistance.