Temporary Job Application

Team Member Are :
Adithya B V
Harsh Makadia
Rammohan K
Terence Barboza

Project Guide: Mr Sunil Kamath, Department of Information Science and Engineering Abstract: Temporary Job Application is a mobile application intended to help users who are in need of temporary workers. In the existing app world, there are many applications that exist for permanent job services. However, if a requesting user needs a temporary job service, for example: an electrician, he has to depend upon word of mouth. This takes effort on the part of the requesting user. The advantage of this app is that the users are able to search for groups of people based on their location, and the application will present a list displaying the available workers in the location. By taking the users’ locations and remembering their information, the application requires little maintenance after initial setup and provides an effortless experience. A minimal interface provides only the essential functionality and keeps the process simple, allowing users to remain calm and free of stress. The application is implemented for Android devices and includes Java, MySQL, PHP and the Android framework. Unique Features : • User Authentication • Verification through One Time Password • Security feature through Captcha • Push Notification service

MedTrac App

Team Member Are :
Melissa Saldanha
Sonal C Sanil
Srilatha Bhat P
Varsha Anand

Project Guide: Ms Aparna K, Department of Information Science and Engineering Abstract: For medication therapy to be effective, it is critical that the patient take their medicine on an effective schedule. Taking their medicine correctly is medication adherence and is vital for the medicine to produce its maximal benefit. For healthcare professionals, understanding the drug’s action is a major part of their clinical training. However, from a patient’s perspective, many times incorrect, and possibly, erroneous information drug prevails, creating negative atmosphere for medication adherence. MedTrac App is an easy to use medication management app which helps you to monitor and keep track of your medication. It is an android app which helps you to view your medication anytime, anywhere through your phone. A website is created for the doctor to enter the prescription details. The prescription is then sent to the MedTrac App, installed in the patient’s phone, using web server. The app stores the prescription and displays it in the patient’s phone. Unique Features: • User Authentication • Verification through One Time Password • Add, update, view, delete features

Enhanced Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme in Cloud

Team Member Are :
Aravinda S - 4so11is008
Nirupama B - 4so11is036
Shruthi K - 4so11is050
Abhilasha K.M. - 4so12is400

Project Guide: Mr Shreenath Acharya, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Engineering Abstract: Load balancing main aim is to ensure that all resources are distributed efficiently and fairly and thereby maximizing the resource utilization and performance. We use Priority based dynamic round robin scheduling and HTV algorithm. Execution works as follows: At the beginning cloudlet requests is given to the Quick sort algorithm which sorts in an ascending order depending upon the lowest cloudlet length (considering cloud length as user priority). The output of this result is sent to the Round Robin algorithm, which executes in the dynamic round robin fashion. These results are in turn sent to the HTV load balancer, which balances the cloudlet requests based on the performance. Features: • Scheduling of resources based on priority. • Balancing of cloudlet requests based on performance.

Tech Krishi

Team Member Are :
Anil Kumar C
Abinesh T.M
Rohit Kumar
Priya D’Costa

Project Guide: Mr Sunil Kamath, Department of Information Science Abstract: The modern irrigation system, water is supplied to the land zone of the plants. At the present era, the farmers have been using irrigation technique in India through the manual control in which the farmers irrigate the land at the regular intervals. The global irrigation scenario is characterized by poor performance, increased demand for higher agricultural productivity, decreased availability of water for agriculture. This process sometimes consumes more water or sometimes the water reaches late due to which the crops get dried. This problem can be perfectly solved by using “TechKrishi” system by setting the time interval to supply water to fields and keep track of the field for which the water have been given. Also, used to get the information about the water level in the water tank and switching ON/OFF of pump for filling/stopping the water to the tank after a particular level reaches in the tank. Features: • To control the Pump (On/Off) • To control the Solenoid Value (On/Off) • To check the Tank Status (High/Medium/Low) • Automatic switching “On” of pump when the water level reaches low in water tank and switching “Off” when the water level reaches high for preventing the overflow of water • Automatically switching “Off” of pump when the pump is running without water • Setting time intervals for the Solenoid Values On/Off for the flow of water to the field • Automatic switching “Off” of Solenoid Value when the water level in tank reaches low and turning “On” pump to fill the tank.