Anti Ragging

The Government of Karnataka has made ragging a cognizable offence punishable with imprisonment and holds the Principal responsible for making the College ragging-free. VTU is keeping a strict vigil to prevent any sort of ragging. Under the direction of the Supreme Court of India, authorities have asked colleges to take necessary measures to prevent ragging. Students are severely warned that:

  • Ragging of any kind is strictly probhited by law inside the campus and outside.
  • Offenders will be dismissed from the College and the hostel, and reported to the police.
  • Photographs of offenders will not only be displayed on the notice board, but also published in newspapers.
  • Offenders cannot appear for university examinations.
  • Names of offenders will be sent to VTU, which will record the fact in the marks card.

Please do not be misguided. There is nos such things as friendly ragging or mild ragging. All forms of ragging are de-humanizing and go against the core of the value system which our students must develop. The College will not take a lenient view of any offence of ragging.

The College has formed an ANTI-RAGGING FLYING SQUAD with Mr Vinod T. D'Souza as the Chariman. Apart from senior teachers and senior students as members, media persons and the police authorities are represented in the committee. Freshers are advised to make a note of their names (it is good to memorize at least a few telephone numbers) given below. Please do not hesitate to approach them. They will keep your names confidential.

Any student who becomes a victim of ragging of any kind must report to the anti-ragging committee without any fear and college will take strict action.


24 hrs Anti-ragging toll free help lines: 1800-180-5522 & 15522

The identity of the student will be protected . The process of giving them assistance will start within 15 minutes. Complaints can be registered through
Email :


This is to bring to your notice that there is absolute ban on ragging in the College. The Supreme Court and the Goverenment of Karnataka prohibit any act of ragging. Exemplary punishment including filing of an FIR with the police, entry of the participation of the crime in all certifications and expulsion, will be handed out to any defaulters. Any student found ragging faces expulsion from the college for a term (six months), with payment of tuition fees for term and fine of Rs.25,000/-, vacating the hostel, cancelling scholarships, debarring from representing Institutions in tournaments, youth festivals etc. The onus to prove innocence will be on the one accused. UCG has clarified that regulations cover the entrie premises of Educational Institutions, including canteen, playground and all means of transport for students.

We request your support in this and ask you to speak to your child/ward to obey this ban completely.

Sl.No. Name of the Member Designation Contact No.
1 Dr Joseph Gonsalvis Principal & Chairman 9448705595
2 Dr Rio D’Souza Vice Principal 9663380761
3 Mr Orville Sutari Assistant Professor – ME & Coordinator 9901381960
4 Mr Harsha A J Assistant Professor – Mathematics & Coordinator 9481582101
5 Dr Prakash Pinto Professor & Dean – MBA 9481505974
6 Ms Sumangala N Assistant Professor - MCA 8971036810
7 Dr Nalini Rebello Associate Professor & HOD - Civil 9945371440
8 Dr Savitha H M Professor – ECE 9449468677
9 Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco Professor & HOD - EEE 9741701366
10 Dr Sudheer M Professor & HOD - ME 9886396953
11 Dr Vincent Crasta Professor & HOD - Physics 9448253901
12 Dr K Jyothi Professor & HOD - Chemistry 9449554498
13 Dr Ramananda H S Professor & HOD - Mathematics 9449593558
14 Dr Anjali Ganesh Professor – MBA 9449180010
15 Mr Shreenath Acharya Assistant Professor – CSE 9964025120
16 Ms Sridevi Saralaya Associate Professor – CSE 9448823942
17 Mr Vinod D’Souza Assistant Professor – Civil 9986449088
18 Ms Vijayalakshmi H Assistant Professor – ECE 9900232595
19 Mr Ajithanjaya Kumar Assistant Professor – EEE 9945251967
20 Ms Bharathi Rao Assistant Professor – EEE 9448727001
21 Dr Raju K Professor – ME 8123798293
22 Dr Shreeranga Bhat Associate Professor – ME 9480047532
23 Dr Binu K G Associate Professor – ME 9739866947
24 Dr Jagadeesha B Associate Professor –Mathematics 9448858534
25 Mr Rajendran K V Security Officer & Transport Supervisor 9243804479
26 Mr Francis D’Costa Warden – Boys Hostel 9481847140
27 Sr. Margaret Misquita Warden – Girls Hostel 9483637280
28 Mr Shivaprakash Police Inspector – Mangaluru Rural Police Station 9986558441

Sl.No. Name of the Member Designation Contact No.
1 Mr Orville Sutari Coordinator 9901381960
2 Mr Harsha A J Coordinator 9481582101
3 Mr Vinish P Assistant Professor – MBA 8867431143
4 Ms K Manjula Assistant Professor – MBA 9945136180
5 Ms Sadhana Kumble Assistant Professor – MCA 8105983070
6 Mr Sathyendra Bhat J Assistant Professor – MCA 9844821865
7 Mr Prathviraj N Assistant Professor – CSE 9743855956
8 Ms Vijetha U Assistant Professor – CSE 9964668216
9 Ms Sona Mundody Assistant Professor – CSE 9449999458
10 Ms Nisha J Roche Assistant Professor – CSE 9731352542
11 Mr Manjunath B Assistant Professor – Civil 9481818485
12 Mr Prashant Kurdekar Assistant Professor – Civil 9591107418
13 Ms Bhavya Assistant Professor – Civil 9902194780
14 Mr Vijay Ganesh P C Assistant Professor – ECE 9880122649
15 Mr Anoop C V Assistant Professor – ECE 8197667011
16 Ms Rupal D’Souza Assistant Professor – ECE 9482149050
17 Ms Reema Quadras Assistant Professor – ECE 9663302596
18 Mr Subramanya K Assistant Professor – EEE 9986870096
19 Mr Franco Menezes Assistant Professor – EEE 9945538369
20 Ms Mayuri R Assistant Professor – EEE 8867436689
21 Mr Ashwin Shetty Assistant Professor – MECH 9844585022
22 Mr Santhosh H Assistant Professor – MECH 9686245873
23 Mr Manjunath B A Assistant Professor – MECH 9480040034
24 Mr Poornesh M Assistant Professor – MECH 9980153735
25 Mr Rahul Kumar Assistant Professor – MECH 9663948809
26 Mr Naresh R Assistant Professor – MECH 9995576679
27 Mr Rajesh K Assistant Professor – Physics 9481765670
28 Ms Smitha D’Souza Assistant Professor – Chemistry 8147763956
29 Ms Salma Shabnam Assistant Professor – Maths 9916101328
30 Ms Vaneesha Rodriguez Assistant Physical Ed. Director 9880349541
31 Mr Rajendran K V Security Officer 9243804479
32 Mr Herald Sunil Britto Assistant Warden – Boys Hostel 9901221868
33 Mr Felix Santhumayor Assistant Warden – Boys Hostel 7406971575
34 Ms Jenifer D’Souza Assistant Warden – Girls Hostel 9591424952
35 Ms Rajita Almeida Assistant Warden – Girls Hostel 9108597563

Sl.No. Name of the Member Designation Contact No.
1 Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Cardoza Campus Counselor 9844043729
2 Dr. Prashanth Raj Medical Officer 9845822030
3 Mr. Francis D’Costa Warden – Boys Hostel 9481847140
4 Mr. Herald Sunil Britto Assistant Warden – Boys Hostel 9901221868
6 Sr. Margaret Misquita Warden – Girls Hostel 9483637280
7 Ms. Jasmine D’Souza Assistant Warden – Girls Hostel 7406702006