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EEE: Technova – 2017 Project Exhibition

The Project Exhibition and Competition for the final year Electrical and Electronics students was organized under the banner of Technova 2017 on 26th May 2017.

A total of 16 teams participated in the Exhibition and Competition.

The projects were evaluated by Dr Rajkiran Ballal, Principal of Mangalore Marine College and Technology - Kuppepadavu, and Mr Aravind Thodar, Retd MESCOM Superintendent Engineer (Elect). The event commenced at 9:00 am in the morning and went on till 4:00 pm in the evening. The parents of the final year students, the second year and the third year undergraduate students also visited the exhibition.

The following teams emerged as the winners:

1st  Prize:

Arecanut  Tree Climber and Pesticide Sprayer by Mr Jnanesh Bekal, Mr Jnanasagar Kamath, Mr Nixon D Souza ,Mr Manjunatha K - Guided by Ms Divya K Pai, Assistant  Professor.

2nd  Prize:

Voice Activated Wheelchair by Mr  Dheeraj R Shetty, Mr  Siddanth Bhandary, Ms Sonali P Dolli and Ms Sonia M - Guided by Mr Subramanya K, Assistant  Professor.

Innovative Prize:

 Sonar Water Rover by Ms Clarina John Noronha, Mr Sujan D'souza, Ms Karishma P Shetty  and Mr Sayed Sahil - Guided by Mr Deepesh Kanchan, Assistant  Professor.

Also it is to be noted that the project titled: Arecanut tree climber and pesticide sprayer has been selected for KSCST funding.

The Project Exhibition demonstrated the ability of students to apply engineering knowledge for developing solutions as a team to community service as Engineer and Society.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering congratulates the prize winning teams and the guides.

Ms Bharathi Rao & Mr Subramanya K, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE coordinated the event.

EEE: Lecture on Professional Etiquette

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at SJEC in association with IEEE SJEC Student Branch organized a talk on Professional Etiquette by the resource person, Mr Clinton Herbert Lobo, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Business Administration at SJEC on 5th May 2017 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in Fr Fred Hall. This talk was conducted for 2nd year & 4th year EEE students and IEEE student Members.

The objective of the talk was to make students aware of the concepts of business etiquette, professional traits, and knowledge on applying business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations. This program was mainly focused on graduating students of final year students to enhance their knowledge on professional etiquette which would help them to be a better engineer in their professional career.

The resource person covered topics such as teamwork, effective communication skills & fundamental techniques in handling people.

The session was interactive & appreciated by the students. Ms Denita D Souza, Assistant Professor, Department of E&E Coordinated the programme.

EEE-EELS: Entrepreneurship Initiative Training

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organised a finishing school activity for its final year students on 26th April 2017 in Fr. Fred seminar Hall from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. This finishing school activity aimed at motivating young entrepreneurs and providing them vital information on Technical and Financial support available from government agencies like MSME (micro small& medium enterprise).

The resource person for this seminar was Mr Kalai Socrates, Deputy Director of Ministry of MSME - Yeyyadi, Mangaluru. The seminar focussed on topics like role of entrepreneurs and society, procurement of IPR and financial support from Govt. Agencies, ethical values required in business and challenges / motives for young entrepreneurs. The seminar was followed by a discussion of 20 mins, wherein the resource person clarified the queries from final year EEE start-up aspirants.

The seminar was well appreciated by final year EEE students and faculty members present on the occasion.

EEE-EELS: Technical talk on Present scenario on Renewable Energy and Tidal Energy

A technical talk on Present scenario on Renewable Energy and Tidal Energy by Mr T Narayan Shanubhogue, Rtd. Principal and HOD - EEE of Canara Engineering College -  Benjanapadavu, Mangaluru was held in Fr. Fred Memorial hall at 10.00 am on 1st April 2017.

The objective of this programme was to promote insights to on Renewable Energy. Mr Shanubhogue spoke about the current energy scenario in both India and the world. He also mentioned different types of energy resources used in India and percentages of its consumption. The talk was mainly focused on harnessing tidal energy in the coastal area of India.

The outcome of this talk was the knowledge gained by the students on the working and construction of 1KW/5KW tidal plant developed and installed by M/S Susi Global Research Center - Udupi.

Mrs Divya Pai and Mr Rahul V.A. coordinated this event.

EEE-EELS: Visit to Udupi Power Corporation Limited (Adani Power Plant)

A one-day industrial visit to Adani Power Plant (UPCL) - Padubidri was organised for the second year students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering on 24th March 2017. A group of 52 students accompanied by the faculty members Mr Subramanya K & Ms Madhavi visited the plant. The objective of the visit was to enhance the knowledge & enable visualization of Power generation, transmission and distribution. Mr Lalith Prasad, Technical Staff, Adani Power Plant (UPCL) welcomed the participants and provided information pertaining to the plant operation.

Adani Power Plant is an imported coal-based thermal power plant and this is the first Independent Power Project in the country to operate on imported coal and also awarded a ‘mega project’ status. There are two 600MW power generation units (i.e. 2X600 MW = 1200MW) where, 90 per cent of the power will be supplied to Karnataka, the balance will be supplied to Punjab, for which necessary Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) have been made with the five Escoms/Discoms of Karnataka and Punjab State Electricity Boards respectively. But presently one 600MW generation unit is shut down.

The blue print of the entire power plant along with a plant model was explained to the students. The working of the plant which includes turbine, generators, transformers, water purification, coal and ash storage unit, wagon etc. was explained in detail. Students also got information of Digital control system used to monitor the entire plant. The visit has enabled the students to gain in-depth practical knowledge on thermal power plant, transmission, distribution of power, and safety practices followed in power plants.

EEE – EELS: Student contest on Business Plans

The contest on Best ideas for Innovative Business Plans / Project Proposals was organized for EEE students on 9th March 2017 from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm. The event was conceived by Mr Preetham D’Souza (Alumnus of 2009 Batch), First Officer at Jet Airways and co-judged by Mr Sharath N B (Alumnus of 2009 Batch), Accounts Manager at Infosol - Bengaluru.

This event was convened by Dr Sheryl Colaco, Professor  & Head of  EEE Department and coordinated by Mr Deepesh S.K, Assistant Professor in the Department of EEE.

EEE: Clean Energy Drive

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of St Joseph Engineering College – Vamanjoor, Mangaluru, through its Students’ Association EELS conducted an outreach programme at Lady Hill Victoria Girl’s English Medium High School on 6th February 2017. The objective of the program was to ignite the young minds on the importance of renewable energy sources, such as, solar, wind, tidal & geothermal. This programme is one of the many initiatives taken by the Department to create awareness on clean energy among the Student Community in Mangaluru. The programme consisted of technical presentations on different aspects of Electrical Engineering such as electrical power generation, utilization and distribution, electrical motors and   generators, and safety precautions to be taken during electrical hazards.  

In order to develop interest on Electrical and Electronic Engineering the program also had practical demonstrations on electronic circuitry. Ms Divya K. Pai, faculty from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SJEC guided the students in their work.

The following SJEC students were the trainers in the workshop.

Final year students: Sheetal Malagi, Muriel Pinto, Veena Parvathi K , Santhrupthi S M, Sonia M, Jnanasagar Kamath, Saiswaroop Shetty, Ashra Ahmed, Antony Jerome, and Rose Denzil.

Pre-final year students: Dhanya, Tressia, Saurabh Rai, Vishal, Sharath, Vinisha, Shreya, Shainey, Tejas, and Alex.

EEE: Training to students from RUSEMP

As part of the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SJEC organized an outreach training program on 1st October 2016 for the students of RUSEMP Community College – Pakshikere, as a part of its socio-educational responsibilities.

This programme included developing awareness on renewable energy. The Teaching and Technical faculty of the Department gave a demonstration of various electrical machines and hands-on sessions on electronic circuits. The students were exposed to various equipment, electronic devices, and modern display devices, to analyze and interpret the data.

The Pre-final year students Ms Anupama & Ms Anusha interacted with the RUSEMP students and demonstrated their mini project to the participants. 

EEE – EELS: Hands-on Workshop on PCB Designing

The Department of EEE in association with its Students Association EEELS, organized a hands-on workshop on PCB Designing for final year and pre-final year EEE students on 20th & 27th August, 2016 in the Electrical Lab. The objective of this workshop was to provide essential knowledge on PCB designing for the students to carry out their projects. Mr Suhas Shenoy, Electrical Engineer and an alumnus of SJEC from the batch of 2016, provided the training.

On 20th August 2016, Mr Shenoy engaged the students on Electronic Circuit Designing with PCB software and requested the students to come prepared with Laser Printouts of their circuitry for the next session. Later On 27th August 2016, Mr Shenoy provided hands-on training on fundamentals of creating trace and track on PCB board and soldering of the components. Overall, this training made the students confident to design their own PCB boards for their project circuitries. 

Clean Energy Drive by SJEC Students at St Raymond’s High School

An awareness program on the importance of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, tidal & geothermal, was conducted by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of SJEC at St Raymond’s English Medium High School on 17th August 2016. This program is an initiative by the Students’ Association EELS of SJEC, to create awareness about clean energy among the Student Community in Mangalore. The program consisted of presentations on different aspects of electrical technology like power generation, power utilization & distribution. The program also had practical demonstrations of experiments, such as, dark detecting circuit, heat sensing circuit, electronic piano, fuse characteristics, lamp control circuits, LabVIEW based Rover etc. Mr Deepesh Kanchan and Ms Chaithra Shetty, faculty from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SJEC guided the students in their endeavour.

EEE: Mini-Project Exhibition for 7th Semester

EELS – The Students Association of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SJEC organized a Mini-Project Exhibition for 7th Semester on 17th August 2016 in the Machines Lab. Dr Sheryl Grace Colaco – HOD EEE, Mr Franco Aldrin Menezes and Mr Rolen Lionel Rodrigues – Assistant Professors in the Department of EEE, were the Evaluators of the Projects.

The students of 5th semester visited the exhibition and interacted with their senior students. This exhibition was arranged as a part of EELS Association Activities and the faculty members of EEE Department provided guidance to the students for the successful execution of the program.

Mr Subramanya K - Assistant Professor – EEE coordinated the event.

EEE - EELS: Technical Talks on - Fundamentals of VLSI & VLSI Circuits and Design

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a technical talk on Fundamentals of VLSI on 2nd August 2016 at 9:00 AM, followed by a session on VLSI Circuits and Design on 4th August 2016 at 11:00 AM in Fr Fred Memorial Hall for the final year students of EEE Department.

The talk was delivered by Mr Keith Fernandes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at SJEC. The resource explained the students about the history of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits, the basics of MOS technology, working principle of MOS transistors and Fabrication of MOS technology. Mr Franco Menezes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering thanked the Resource Person. Around 60 students attended the talk. 

EEE: TIARA 2016 – Summary of Events

The Summary of events conducted by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering as part of TIARA 2016 is provided below.

Sl No.

Name of the event

Time and Date

Number of teams registered

Name of prize winners


The Journal

10:30 am, 24th Feb 2016



Manjunath K and Shamanth (SJEC).


Reshma Soiru and Sriprasad Pai (CEC).


Crack Jack

11:00 am, 24th Feb 2016



Juby Mathey, Sridevi Tugde and Gail elaive Goveas (SJEC)


Russelle A Carvalho, Wesley R Fernandes and Sushmitha (SJEC)


Race your RCs

2:00 pm, 24th Feb 2016



Oliver and Puneeth (SJEC)


Arvind and Shwetha (SJEC)



9:00 am, 25th Feb 2016



Adarsh, P Karthik and Prathik (SJEC)


Alex, Tejas and Reevan (SJEC)


Under Construction

11:00 am, 25th Feb 2016



Nelson, Roystan and Madurya (SJEC)


Teju, Sandeep and Pratiksh


Seconds of Survival

1:30 pm, 25th Feb 2016



Mohd. Ashik and Aysha Afeeza (PACE)


Nihaad Mohd. and Mohd Hussain